Homescapes Hack 2022 Apk/ios – How To Get Unlimited Coins & Stars

Are you a fan of games for managing your home? Are you fascinated by home renovations and chores? If yes, then this game is for you! Get Homescapes for Android now! Homescapes to Android to begin the process of restoring of your dream home.

The whole game is built around effectively managing and keeping the home clean and clean. But, it might not be as simple as it seems. The management of a house is not easy for a home large enough will require plenty of help to be as great as new!

The game is played in the 2.5D plane. You play as an butler, and you will have to complete different tasks to repair your home. In between, you’ll engage in a couple of matching games to earn more tokens that will allow you to complete more improvements.

At the conclusion, you’ll have to blood and sweat into this old house. The end result is the spick and spam amazing architectural style!

Combining Management and Puzzle Games!

The game begins by becoming acquainted with Austin the Butler who is responsible for taking care of the house’s maintenance and cleaning in the home of the entire family. The house is now your owner by default.

The main goal is to make the house more modern and make it look like an abandoned structure at the beginning. However, during the many modifications to your house you’ll be required to complete some puzzles.

As you move forward, you can decorate the space with interesting things to restore the old-fashioned beauty. From cleaning to interior design you’ll be the one who is in charge.


Another way to spice things up

When you decorate your home, not all the items is available. It is necessary to unlock specials. In order to do that, you have small puzzles that match 3 levels similar to Candy Crush.

After you’ve won the mini-game you’ll receive the prize that can be put anywhere in the home.

The game is actually easy to follow and quite enjoyable to observe. Watch the bizarre actions Austin takes as the naive innocent man continues to run into trouble throughout the day and night.

It’s a bird’s-eye point of view game in which tapping moves you ahead. Just tell the butler to perform a task, and watch the butler work.


Average 3D graphics

Quality of 2.5D graphics is merely average however, it is not high-end. In terms of clarity, it’s just average. You won’t be in a position to see much detail about any particular object.

Also, you are greeted by the view from above at the house. The images are created with a soft, damp hue, which means that it’s unlikely to cause any harm to your eyes any time soon.

There is no value in exceptional animations. All you need is easy for you to understand visuals. The game does an excellent job in that regard!

In the end it’s a great experience and you’ll have fun for many years.


Homescapes Hack Latest version

There are many more exciting mod-version features that are available in Homescapes Mod APK latest version. Use mod version at your own discretion since you may fall victim to cyber-crime at any time.

  • Unlimited stars and coins (don’t diminish when you spend)




Homescapes Mod APK download for free is perfect for players seeking to cheat easily within the games and wish to play on the safe side. However, ensure that you download from reputable sources. You cannot be 100% certain of the source you download your game from.

It’s time to aid Austin the butler while the butler fulfills his responsibility to restore the splendor of this mansion. Install Homescapes for Android today!



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